Women Cell

Women Cell Information
  • The institute has formed Women Development Cell and Internal Complaint Committee to prevent sexual harassment as per rules and regulations of AICTE, UGC and MHRD.

  • Members of the Women Development cell are,

    • Ms. K. V. Harpal (Lecturer, Applied mechanics)

    • Ms. B. N. Nakhua (Lecturer, Computer)

    • Ms. S. K. Gohil (Lecturer, Mining)

  • Members of the Internal Complaint Committee to prevent sexual harassment  committee are,

    • Ms. J. N. Thacker (Lecturer, Applied mechanics)

    • Ms. M. H. Vyas (Lecturer, English)

    • Ms. B. B. Sitapara (Lecturer, Civil)

    • Ms. A. D. Jansari (Lecturer, Computer)

    • Mrs. S. P. Jaradi (Lecturer, Electrical)

    • Ms. K. M. Jha (Lecturer, Mining)

  • The committees work with a sole aim of creating hassle-free environment for female students and staff of the campus community thereby enhancing their self-respect and confidence.

  • Meetings of staff and students are organized regularly or if and when any grievances arise. 

  • Also expert lectures from external influential person in the field of women safety, empowerment and legal rights are consulted and seminars are arranged at regular intervals. 

Following are the details of programs arranged by the committees:

Sr. No.Event DescriptionName of ExpertDate
1Seminar on Healthy Nutrition- A role of a woman and free distribution of Iron, B complex and Calcium tablets for womenMira Savalia26/04/22
2Free self-defense training for womenShrijal Dabhekar12/04/22
3Hemoglobin test for womenMira Savalia11/04/22
4Expert Lecture on wildlife photographyUrmi Jani08/03/21
5Expert lecture on women safetyRajlaxmi Joshi06/03/20
6Self-defense training for womenShrijal Dabhekar24/01/20
7Expert Lecture on Juvenile Justice ActBhaktiben Bhatt18/09/19
8Expert Lecture on Female health managementDr. Surbhi Vegad08/03/18