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Applied Mechanics Department undertakes academic work of some of the subjects of Civil, Mechanical, Mining and Metallurgy Departments. Department has vastly experienced faculties and supporting staff.  Department has fully equipped laboratories for Applied Mechanics,
Strength of Material, Soil Engineering and Concrete Technology. Applied Mechanics laboratory is equipped with Screw Jack, Wheel and axial, force polygon apparatus, etc. Strength of Material laboratory is equipped with Compression Testing Machine, Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Izod and Charpy Impact Testing Machine, etc. Soil engineering laboratory is equipped with necessary equipment required for testing of soil such as Liquid limit apparatus, Hot air oven, various sieve sets, Permeability apparatus, Shear test apparatus. Concrete laboratory is equipped with Compression Testing Machine, Vibrating table, Slump test apparatus, Flakiness and elongation index test apparatus, etc.


(1) Engineering Mechanics Lab.
(2) Strength of Material Lab.
(3) Soil Engineering Lab.
(4) Concrete Technology Lab

Rajesh Hathi

Mr. Rajesh Hathi

Kalpa Harpal

Ms. Kalpa Harpal

Jahanvi Thacker

Ms. Jahanvi Thacker

Kinjal Kanodia

Miss. Kinjal Kanodia